pain_killer_80 (pain_killer_80) wrote,

Fangirl rant XD.........Recoil night

That thing will be epic i know, and i want to go and if i don't i will die for sure!
what do i mean?i mean that Mr Alan Charles Wilder will be in my country for 2 days.....i'm all OMFG!!!!
2 days yes
April 9th - Milan
April 10th - Rome
i only have to decide where i have to go, too sad i'm all alone in this(it's a pity i have lost all the DM's devotee friends in this area)but i have to do this...even if it's the last thing i do....after last year TOTU bologna's gig fail, i have to do that for myself
i love Alan no really, i even wrote a fanfic on him (LOL!)
and the ticket costs only 20 euros(Oh yeah soo cheap)

anyone would like to join me?
i promise it would be a epic night


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