July 24th, 2009


it's fun to be ignored...

don't want to tell why i'm upset/angry and everything else..
but someone need to know that this day it's a special one for me and...no i don't justfy anyone(people who i talk about that already)

it's about 3 days that i'm in bed without moving and my back hurt soo much.....nothing seems to heal me...i think i'm going to do some syringe at least 'cos i have still 2 commissionsc to do and i have to ship some things too(books/headbow/2 pair of bloomers)before i leave for london for about 5 days(finally....and yes i don't care about the swine flu...)

to everyone that knows about this date(24.7)..probably u don't to be my friends huh?
ok...it's good to know who cares about you and who not

thank you