smexy jackson heart sign

that's right.............

some news...

i'm not dead xD

i've got sick and i cannot attend a con, can't able to see some of my friend that i miss that much(almost 5/6 years )and it really depressed me

my laptop just died, it just broke in half and my mum lend me some money to buy a new one(money that every month i have to return her)

last but not least just listened to new Linkin Park album and it's fuc*ing amazing *A*
go listen to "a Thousand Suns" now XD....

really short entry, i don't feel like writing too much, 'cos my life sucks in this very moment -.-
i miss my friends really

i hate being so sick every time...

Fangirl rant XD.........Recoil night

That thing will be epic i know, and i want to go and if i don't i will die for sure!
what do i mean?i mean that Mr Alan Charles Wilder will be in my country for 2 days.....i'm all OMFG!!!!
2 days yes
April 9th - Milan
April 10th - Rome
i only have to decide where i have to go, too sad i'm all alone in this(it's a pity i have lost all the DM's devotee friends in this area)but i have to do this...even if it's the last thing i do....after last year TOTU bologna's gig fail, i have to do that for myself
i love Alan no really, i even wrote a fanfic on him (LOL!)
and the ticket costs only 20 euros(Oh yeah soo cheap)

anyone would like to join me?
i promise it would be a epic night


writing is a HARD work.......

i've just started again one of my unfinished fanfic...(i have too many around XD)..this one about the great criminal ever: Joker (*fangirlin' mode*)

i've stopped it now 'cos....i'v changed my mind and after reading soo many awesome fanfic today i want to portrait him like a 1940 gangster with a madness twist, that means charming with women (LOL), crazy to the limit, awesome suits (*_*)...with an huge ego..

things that now i don't know are....thoughts of a 18's virgin girl about sex and relationship with men...(that kind of relationship...not the romantic one)

my mind is totally blank ...


random piccies to cheer myself up
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fucking love that hat no really....

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smexy Misha/Castiel

probably going to bed again <3

it's fun to be ignored...

don't want to tell why i'm upset/angry and everything else..
but someone need to know that this day it's a special one for me i don't justfy anyone(people who i talk about that already)

it's about 3 days that i'm in bed without moving and my back hurt soo much.....nothing seems to heal me...i think i'm going to do some syringe at least 'cos i have still 2 commissionsc to do and i have to ship some things too(books/headbow/2 pair of bloomers)before i leave for london for about 5 days(finally....and yes i don't care about the swine flu...)

to everyone that knows about this date(24.7)..probably u don't to be my friends huh?'s good to know who cares about you and who not

thank you

arrivederci a lor signori

vi do la buonanotte e l'arrivederci gentili signori e signore, io vado a farmi 4 giorni a Milano in parte dai parenti, ci si rivede domenica ^_^.
Mi raccomando fate i bravi in mia assenza....non fatemi trovare sorprese xD

zachary quinto &lt;333

please help.......aiutate questa causa

lo metto anche qui
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e per chi fosse interessato c'e anche una sorta di lotteria che si sta velete spiegazioni a riguardo chiedete a me visto che sto donando delle cose(o chiedete anche solo se volete partecipare)


to everyone
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